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21 Day Cleanse

Welcome to the Ultimate U 21 day Cleanse and Body Transformation Program. The fastest and most powerful way to shred unwanted body fat.
The Ultimate U 21 day Cleanse and Body Transformation Program is based upon cutting edge Nutrition strategies designed to cleanse the whole body of unwanted toxins, melt unwanted body fat and sculpt your body, in an interactive team environment.
This program fills the gaps in the health and fitness industry by providing peer support and interaction.
You will be working alongside fellow members all striving to achieve the same goal, pushing each other, supporting each other and working hard to achieve your goals
This program has been born out of years of personal research and working with clients to understand what works practically for the body and delivers results.
As part of the program there is a large education component. We believe that if you understand something you have a much greater chance of putting into practice the principles.
So not only will you get all of the support materials, you will get unlimited access and support from us to help guide you through this amazing journey that you are about to embark on so you will gain a better understanding of health and well-being, which ultimately leads to weight loss.
Much of what you will learn on the journey will probably contradict what you have heard or read previously. The intention is to allow you to get a deeper level of understanding so you can see through the veil of illusion that exists in the market place with fancy marketing campaigns and false promises and to tell you the truth about health which ultimately leads to weight loss.
This will mean that you will need to get out of your comfort zone, shop for your food differently, become more conscious of what you put into your body, prepare for your day a little better, and have 100% focus, and give it your all.
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Case Studies


My initial six weeks was a fantastic experience and introduction to fitness, nutrition and well being with Dan and his amazing team. It was a 'no brainier' to continue my membership and after six months I have lost almost 5 stone, well over 30 inches in size and am far fitter and healthier than I ever thought possible and still continue to improve and develop myself.

I would recommend UU to people of any ability and confidence levels. No pills, supplements, gimmicks or tricks, just dedication, diet and exercise with all the support and advice you could ever need from the team and fellow members.


Over the years I have been to so many different gyms I lost count, and I can honestly say I am so incredibly glad to have joined UU!! The atmosphere is amazing, the classes are challenging yet so rewarding and a lot of fun. Dan and Mia make everybody feel so welcome, are so supportive and always motivating everybody to push that little bit harder.

Their advice on nutrition has really changed my life. Thanks to Mia and Dan I have a much better understanding of how to balance my diet and I feel so much better and energetic.


I lost 4.5 stone & completely changed my lifestyle for good

Lee Iacovou, ★★★★★

I heard about Dan & team through a friend of mine & took up the free trial on the Ultimate U program – before staying on to complete. I started at an unhealthy 16st & with the help of the team achieved my goal of changing my mindset, lifestyle & body shape. I am now 11.5st!


A supportive, fun & friendly way to get results in a relaxed environment

Kerry Burden, ★★★★★

Can honestly say joining ultimate u fitness is one of the best life changes iv made …the classes are always different and high energy The meal plans are lush & Dan is always on hand with advice .. and everyone is so welcoming and warm atmosphere.


Ultimate U Fitness is brilliant!

Abigail Elizabeth, ★★★★★

Dan and Dave are so supportive and they always make the classes fun even though they are hard work!! Everyone is so friendly and all fitness levels are welcomed. If you want results, this is definitely the place to be!


I would totally recommend Ultimate U Fitness.

Vicky Bashford, ★★★★★

I’ve just completed my 1st 6 weeks & having lost a total of 15” so far – it works. Classes are really hard work but somehow enjoyable!!
I had a baby 18 months ago & wanted to get my waist back & be able to fit into my old clothes again. I can safely say I’m on my way to achieving this. Thank you Dan & Dave


Hats off to ya Dan!

Darell Tuson, ★★★★★

Knows more than u could imagine and uses that knowledge with such positivity and passion! Results are inevitable!


Highly recommended – 5*

Amy Dewey, ★★★★★

For five years I’ve been yoyo dieting and trying different exercises none of them have worked. 5 weeks into ultimate fitness feeling better than i have in ages and nearly 2 sizes down.

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